The criterion of value

Things need quality. Inspiring its industrial approach to this maxim, Loris Bellini has always focused its investments into technology towards excellent production results, capable of giving value to the Company in the markets around the World.

The innovations and the various technical contributions offered by Loris Bellini over the years, resulted today in the production of exceptional products for efficiency and energy saving.

From decades of experience and the constant readiness to listen to customers – especially their production needs – Loris Bellini draws the elements to guess the dyeing scenarios of the future well ahead of time. As a result, its proposals are sometimes able to exceed all possible expectations.

100% made in Italy

Designing and manufacturing our products in Italy means our products are realized at the state-of-the-art,
in virtue of modern production technologies managed by experts with long-time experience in this field. Likewise, the meticulous selection of the materials and components which are a fundamental trait of our products ensures the quality and the extraordinary reliability of each single machine comprised in our portfolio. These aspects make it possible for our customers to benefit of safe machines that are meant to last in time, at a point that ordinary maintenance is virtually reduced to a very minimum level lifetime.

Loris Bellini implemented a special department in its own premises which is expressly dedicated to engineering and manufacturing dedicated hardware and software applications for a complete automation of the dyeing processes.

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