Loris Bellini was founded in 1949 with the main scope of designing, manufacturing and selling very high quality yarn dyeing and drying machines destined to be installed in the yarn dyehouses around the world.

Today, after more than 70 years of activity, the Company still pursues the same objectives of the past with the introduction of new advanced technologies that bring a significant cut to running costs and consumptions, for a consequent higher environmental safeguard.

Loris Bellini’s unparalleled experience outcomes from a blend of capital elements such as tradition, quality and innovation. Such fruitful combination always marked the Company along the years and added value to its production, driving the pride of those who work there and feeding the satisfaction of all those Customers who proved in many occasions to be the essential interlocutors for the process of internal quality improvement.

Through the contribution of numerous agencies located in the most important Countries and areas for the yarn dyeing sector, Loris Bellini operates in all major world markets offering its customers, where possible, a quick and effective after-sales service on site.

A bit of history

The idea that inspired Loris Bellini’s journey for over 70 years is actually very simple: many people are interested in products only if they are manufactured to the state of the art.

With such premises, Loris Bellini’s mission was to create dyeing plants according to the criterion of absolute quality. No aspects were ignored to obtain that result: use of the best materials, investments in R&D, learn from direct experience, genius, know-how. Started in 1949, the company immediately specialized in high-level productions and then expanded constantly on the basis of a modern group structure capable of following all those many customers around the World in the best possible way.

After so many years, enthusiasm and passion did not change.

Loris Bellini has quite a rich and diverse history to tell, but its philosophy remained the same.

1949 ‒ Loris Bellini, Albano Bellini e Armando Formentini join in what is destined to become a successful reality in the International scene of quality yarn dyeing machinery

1963 ‒ Patent for a special “extractable carrier for hanks”. Since then, this system has completely revolutionized the use of cabinets for hanks

1969 ‒ Construction of the first rapid pressure dryer for packages ARSPV 200

1978 – Presentation of the first and innovative system CASTO for the degumming and bleaching of linen on cops

1981 – First introduction of an air-pad system within a pressure vessel for yarn package dyeing

1982 – Loris Bellini introduces on the market an air-pad system on cabinets for hank dyeing

1982 – Loris Bellini introduces thicker stainless steel plates for dye cabinets, from 2,5 mm to 6 mm

1983 – Installation and start-up of the first worldwide industrial robotized & fully automatic horizontal plant for yarn package dyeing and drying with RBNO machines

1983 – Introduction on the market of the first system for the fully automatic regulation of the pump flow to dye at constant differential pressure (DPC)

1984 – Worldwide patent for the innovative horizontal system for package yarn dyeing (RBNO)

1986 – Installation and start-up of the first worldwide industrial robotized & fully automatic vertical plant

for yarn package dyeing and drying with RBNV machines

1987 ‒ Worldwide patent for a cabinet for hank dyeing capable of variable loading (1 or 2 floors) at constant liquor ratio APPC-LV

1991 – Presentation of the first centrifuge with columns for the complete direct hydro extraction of packages

1995 – First introduction of a dye machine controlled by industrial PC based on DOS OS

1996 – First introduction of a dye machine controlled by a Desktop PC based on Windows OS

1998 – Presentation of the first pressurized spray dyeing machine for hanks in the World. Based on special rotating arms, it is capable of reaching a temperature of 102°C

2011 – Worldwide patent for the innovative Pulsar system for the dyeing of yarn in packages, with unparalleled advantages in terms of utility consumptions

2014 – Official presentation of the Pulsar system to the Market.