For more than 70 years,

our capital is quality

Founded in 1949, Loris Bellini is an Italian company that designs and builds complete plants for dyeing and drying yarns. With registered and production headquarters in Casalromano, in the province of Mantua, and commercial and administrative headquarters in Bollate, in the province of Milan, the company operates directly and indirectly in all major world markets.

In over seventy years of activity, thanks to constant research work, Loris Bellini has contributed to the development of its sector through various technological contributions and numerous industrial innovations. From the day of its foundation, Loris Bellini has been committed to following the criterion of quality in every aspect of its work.


Machinery for dyeing packages, staples, tops, tows and hanks


Machines for bleaching linen in wick, staple for medical use and cones


Pressure machinery for drying packages

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Constant Commitent since 1949

The great manufacturing quality of a dyeing machine becomes a secondary aspect if its productive output does not meet the expectations.

Loris Bellini ensures always perfect and even dye lots, no matter if the fiber is natural, synthetic or artificial, in the full respect of an environment desperately seeking for our attention.