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RBNV-I Vertical Package Dyeing System


RBNV-I, as all Loris Bellini dyeing machines, is Air Padded since the beginning of the 50’s. RBNV-I dyeing machine can be pressurized at 5 Bar at low liquor temperature.

The relevant advantages to this solution are:

Ecology and environment:

  • Lower Consumption. Only pump and carrier volumes are flooded, with reduction of liquor ratio to a minimum water, steam and power consumption. Substantial savings are realized in term of cooling water, steam and electric power.
  • Low Emissions. The air pad operates as a double chamber to reduce heat emissions in the dye-house.

    NO external Expansion Tank means no emission of chemical vapours.

    NO external Expansion Tank means no continuous external circulation, thus liquor expansion volume realized directly into the autoclave.

  • Dyestuff exhaustion is perfectly equalized.
  • Air pad pressurization allows to inject dyestuffs and chemicals directly into the main liquor circuit by

    means of single tank or a multi tank colour-kitchen.

  • Air Pad Pressurization allows the machine to be standard equipped with dynamic HYDRO-EXTRACTION DEVICE by compressed air.
  • VAT DYEING: During cotton dyeing with VAT dyestuffs the dyeing liquor is not subject to a continuous oxidation by external air.


Liquor ratio is adjustable to optimize processing condition, by means of automatic liquor level control.

Level control is of continuous type and liquor level can be preset along the full height of the kier.

RBNV-I operates at:

  1. Low liquor ratio during dyeing phaseIn dyeing phase RBNV-I dyeing machines operate with liquor ratio from 1:4 to 1:8 in function of yarn package density.

    Low liquor ratio during dyeing saves process water, steam and auxiliary products added in fixed concentrations in relation with liquor volume and determines economical dyeing costs.

  2. Higher liquor ratio during wash-off phaseAdoption of higher liquor ratio during wash-off phase improves the solubility of unfixed dyestuffs.


RBNVI machine can work at: Half load, Reduced load or Full load.

The variable loading system OPERATES ON ALL KINDS OF MATERIALS to be dyed, as rigid or compressible yarn packages, tops, bumps, loose stock, tow, with the adoption of interchangeable modular dyeing carriers. Pump flow rate is regulated to remain constant at reduced load.

The AUTOMATIC COUPLING SYSTEM with total liquor exchange among two or three RBNV-I machines permits to extend the flexibility for dyeing of large batches even further.


The heart of RBNV-I dyeing machine is the extremely efficient HELICOCENTRIFUGAL type liquor circulation pump, which is a mixed design between an axial and a centrifugal impeller, specifically designed to cover the complete range of differential pressures (Delta P) from 0.2 up to 2.5 Bar.

Automatic reversal of liquor flow direction is performed at preset time intervals by means of a special Flow Reversal Device integrated into the pump and consisting of a rotating elbow which slides sideways the delivery mouthpiece from inside-out (I-O) to outside-in (O-I) direction and vice versa. Precision positioning of reversal curve is originated by a combined pneumatic-oleodynamic system (PC), in order to perform a very smooth liquor flow reversal without hammering effects.

Liquor flow reversal is made with motor in operation in order to avoid peak power absorption due to delta-star motor restarting.

The circulation pump is equipped with cooling-free mechanical seals.

The helicocentrifugal pump has been entirely engineered by Loris Bellini, and each one is tested on our own computer controlled pump testing centre.


  • Nominal loading capacities from 5 to 2000 kg.
  • Dynamic Hydro extraction Device.
  • Pressure rating of 5.0 kg/cm2, up to 160°C temperature, temperature lock at 140C.
  • Construction in AISI 316-L stainless steel, for all the part in contact with dyeing liquor.
  • Water protected motors (IEC Standards IP54).
  • Waterproof electrical equipment (IEC)
  • Three-level safety systems.
  • Magneto-thermal motor protections.
  • Heat exchangers rated for 15.0 kg/cm2 operating pressure.
  • Heating gradient 5°C./minute (range 20-80°C steam pressure 6.0 kg/cm2) Cooling gradient 3°C./minute (range 130-108°C water temp. 15°C, pressure 1.5 kg/cm2).
  • Pneumatic lid lifting and lowering.
  • Rapid lid locking system.
  • Design, manufacturing and testing in accordance with: PED/97/23/CE, ASME-CODE International Pressure Vessel Standards.