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ABEP Automatic spray hank dyeing machine

ABEP is a new technical evolution which extends the wide range of products that Loris Bellini manufactures for special applications on delicate yarns on hanks:

  • Cashmere, alpaca, mohair, wool and blends yarns
  • Natural silk yarns and blends with viscose and wool
  • Filament viscose yarns
  • Mercerized cotton yarns
  • Acrylic knitting yarns, very-high bulk type (VHB).

ABEP solves the problems relevant to the common arms dyeing machines:

  • Hank loading and unloading operations
  • Regulation of the flow rate when working at variable load
  • Possibility of VAT dyeing


  • Pressurized operation by air cushion, up to a maximum temperature of 102°C at sea level, which is independent to atmospheric pressure variations. This allows VAT Dyeing
  • Extractable Arms to make easy the hanks loading/ unloading operations
  • Magnetic flow-meter, feeding back the INVERTER, to work at a constant preset liquor flow-rate value no matter how many arms are in operation
  • Structure entirely made of high thickness plate in stainless steel
  • Variable loading. Possibility to exlude arms down to 50% of the nominal installed capacity to reduce the total output per batch
  • Electro-galvanic mirror-polishing spray arms with internal liquor distributor engineered to guarantee a constant and even liquor flow-rate along the entire length of the arms. Dyeing liquor distributor from circulation pump to sprayer arms designed for a perfectly even flow-rate on all sprayer arms independently from their central or lateral position
  • AISI 316 liquor self-lubricating no-maintenance internal arms rotating mechanism, fault free controlled through proximity limit switches by our Leonardo PC software
  • Liquor level control to work at a constant liquor ratio, by setting the liquor volume depending on the number of arms in operation: high level of color repeatability and reduction of color corrections
  • Automatic control of liquor level and static pressure by continuous electronic probing sensor
  • Hank rotation system by rotating movement of arms: perfect material conservation for high-speed hank-to-cone winding
  • No drippings on the hanks, due to a special design of internal roof