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AAM Atmospheric dryer for mercerized cotton hanks

This machine has been specifically designed to allow a very cheap and effective drying and conditioning of mercerized cotton yarn in hank form, ensuring in the meantime very high performances during hank-to cone rewinding.

The basic concept of the drying process in AAM dryer is made on the elimination of any handling of the single hank, from the loading of dyeing machines to the rewinding phase.
This means that all the intermediate steps (dyeing machine unloading, hydroextraction, dryer
feeding) are made without removing the hanks from the dyeing carriers. Very easily, those intermediate steps are just not required.

The dyeing carriers are removed from the dyeing machines, then “parked” on a grid to drop down most of residual water for 30-40’ and directly inserted into the dryer, with enormous logistic advantages, without the need of dedicated manpower for hanks removing (hank- to -hank handling for hydroextraction and dryer loading).
All these standard manual operations can possibly increase the chance to creating knots or uncombing/ displacing the hanks spires and therefore lead to very bad consequences during hank -to- cone rewinding: breaking the yarn, inefficient stop&restart, low speed, and more generally speaking, a heavily reduced performance in hank rewinding.

Energy wise, AAM dryer is truly convenient, due to the very low installed/used power.
AAM dryer will guarantee perfectly dried and conditioned material. Soft touch and high-speed rewindings will be ensured as well. All this will come at very cheap investment and processing costs.

AAM does not require any foundation or civil work and this will definitely make it a plug-and-play dryer.